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  1. simranjeetsinghsimmy

    Sikh News Is Baba Nanak An Avatar Of Lord Vishnu In Any Context?

    sat sri akaal ji saareyan nu... well... i knw sm guys wil find an offense wid me on posting this thread, but i cud nt control myself. sorry in advance... on PZ10.com forums in words of wisdom section there is a thread named 'sufi shayari'... and in that thread, recently a comment was...
  2. K

    Sikhi Saroop - Its Relevance In Today Context

    In today everybody want to make his/her child Singh without himself/herself becoming Singh, means a Lion who doesnot trim his beard or doesnot destroy his natural Saroop. So can modern youth expect his/her child to be Singh without making himself Singh? I have a doubt, but may be possible if...
  3. S

    Sikh News Context Is All In Race Row

    ... But academics and representatives of the Sikh community, speaking at a Birmingham University debate, believe a legal challenge would have been more effective ...
  4. E

    The Role Of Sikhi In Todays Context An Article By Kamalla Rose Kaur

    THE ROLE OF SIKHI IN TODAY'S GLOBAL CONTEXT Kamalla Rose Kaur Mon March 26 Greetings, What is it about the Sikhs? Why am I so caught up with these people? I can go for months and never see another Sikh, living where I live. My close friends know that I am into this Sikh thing, that I...