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  1. aristotle

    Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Makes First Contact With Outsiders

    Brazilian officials have confirmed the existence of approximately 200 Indians who live in the western Amazon with no contact with the outside world. This uncontacted tribe is not "lost" or unknown, according to tribal advocacy group Survival International. In fact, about 2,000 uncontacted...
  2. R

    I Want To Attend Gudwara. But All Of Their Contact Numbers Are Useless

    Hello Everyone, After 45 years of disappointment with religion. I decided to turn to Sikhi because after much research I find it to be a very peaceful way of living. I listen to the prayers and read the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) and will order Punjabi study guides later today from...
  3. spnadmin

    Sikh-Punjabi Chair Speaks On Sikh Americans Pre-, Post-9/11

    Sikh-Punjabi chair speaks on Sikh Americans pre-, post-9/11 One out of every five people in the world is South Asian, and the South Asian diaspora is one of the largest in the world. Despite the fact that more Americans take yoga classes, have heard of ayurvedic medicine, and wear clothes...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Personal Contact With Minorities Helps Break Down Biases: Survey

    http://www.canada.com/topics/news/national/story.html?id=8b64df82-c4aa-423f-88f7-0cc8e3924ac0&k=20090 Personal contact with minorities helps break down biases: survey Randy Boswell CanWest News Service Monday, September 10, 2007 Does familiarity breed contempt? Not according to a new survey...
  5. N

    Contact Information Of Dr. Daljit Singh Ji, Amritsar

    Fateh Ji We need your help. Is anyone of you in direct contact with Dr. Daljit Singh Ji, Amritsar, the same person who gave permission for putting SGGS ji online on the website www.gurugranthdarpan.com ... i want to contact him in an important context urgently... the email sent to him...