1. Harry Haller

    A Question Of Luck? Does Consonance Bless You?

    I have a howling problem, I keep wanting to howl, until I finally give in and raising my nose to the wind, I run, and I howl. I howl until life around me degenerates into complete chaos, and then, at the absolute last minute, I wake up, and spend weeks, maybe months getting back onto an even...
  2. findingmyway

    The Subtle Fervency Of The Feminine Persona: A Consonance Of Thought And Deed In The Indefatigable S

    The Subtle Fervency of the feminine persona: A consonance of thought and deed in the indefatigable Sikh Woman in her Spiritual Journey in the Scripture Puneet Randhawa AOSS...
  3. Harry Haller

    Creation And Consonance

    Gurfatehji Ambersariaji kindly wrote this on a thread, I liked its content hugely, and thinking it worthy of discussion have posted it with my questions, Creator/creation really does not care if you are Khalsa or not does creation care about anything? Creator just creates and does not watch...
  4. Ambarsaria

    Living In Consonance With Creation

    There are things to remember when we view creation and hence the creator (known as God, waheguru, kartar purakh, etc.). Now as human beings we get myopic in how we see. A phrase that I paraphrase below comes to mind, Fundamentally it all points to the fact that eye of the beholder...