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  1. Admin

    India Couples Who Have Premarital Sex To Be Considered ‘married,’ Says High Court

    If any unmarried couple of the right legal age “indulge in sexual gratification,” this will be considered a valid marriage and they could be termed “husband and wife,” the Madras High Court has ruled in a judgment that gives a new twist to the concept of premarital sex. The court said that if a...
  2. J

    Learn Punjabi Naskh Considered Inappropriate To Sikhs?

    Naskh concidered inappropriate to Sikhs? I can read and write in Shahmukhi, but I prefer to write in Naskh style, as opposed to Nastiliq style (the usual style for Shahmukhi). Naskh (ਨਸਖ਼/نسخ) Nastaliq (ਨਸਤਾਲੀਕ/نستعليق) The Urdu script you see in this post is displayed in Naskh (if it...
  3. O

    I Considered Cutting My Hair

    I am strongly contemplating cutting my hair. It is now something that I think about on a daily basis and is becoming a more serious issue. I often spend hours, depressed, thinking about whether or not I should. I'm a 20-year-old male, college student. I am a Sardar, though I trim my dhari...
  4. Mz Kaur

    General Is "Soorma" Considered As Make-up?

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh pen jis n veer jis. I was wonderin is "soorma"(a kind of black powder which is used 2 help the eyes- thats what i've heard and can also look like eye liner comes in a metal small kind of bottle which has designes on it) a type of make-up? And if u...
  5. S

    Is Sukhmani Sahib Considered Complete Without Thiti Ki Paordi?

    as i have doubt about this as someone has told me that sukmani sahib reading is considered uncomplete untill thiti ki paodi is not read .plz givce me ur views