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  1. spnadmin

    Sikhism Confessions Of An American Sikh

    Confessions of an American Sikh http://thesop.org/story/20130402/confessions-of-an-american-sikh-new-memoir-exposes-billion-dollar-cult.html California-resident Gursant Singh wears a turban, dons an uncut beard, wears his faith on his sleeve, carries a loaded handgun wherever he goes and...
  2. bscheema

    Islam The Confessions Of Al-Ghazali-intro (book)

    Al Ghazali (1049-1111), as we have already said, is often ranked next to Mohammed as a teacher and uplifter of his Arab brethren. He was a native of Khorassan, named Abu Hamid Mohammed. Arab custom, however, seldom designates a noted man by his birth-name. He is most often honored with the...