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  1. Tejwant Singh

    The Broken Circle

    The Broken Circle I saw a movie yesterday. It is called “The Broken Circle Breakdown”. It is a Belgique/Dutch movie with subtitles. If you are a fan of the Bluegrass Country Music like I am, then this is the perfect movie for the music lovers. If you like string music, this is the movie for...
  2. Admin

    A Full Circle

    A Full Circle by SARBPREET SINGH My eyes are closed. I'm pretty sure I'm smiling. The room is awash in the rich strains of the taus. Tuesday, June 14, 2005; our home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The crisp sound of the jorrhi bounces off the walls as the melody, a timeless bandish in...
  3. spnadmin

    Learn Punjabi Bilingual Conversation Circle Makes Reading Fun For Kids

    Bilingual conversation circle makes reading fun for kids Taryn Toor is just four years old, but already the Surrey tyke is an avid library user. Toor has been going to Storytimes to Help Learn English, partly funded by The Sun’s Raise-a-Reader program, for most of her life. “She loves it,”...
  4. A

    Gurmat Magazine

    Vaaheguroojeekakhalsa Vaaheguroojeekeefatehh "Sada Virsa Sada Gaurav" Monthly Magazine of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, July 2007 issue is now ONLINE click: Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle - Magazines you can download the whole magazine or selected articles. You can also view and download the...
  5. N

    Buddhism Coming Full Circle (Kuensel)

    The Circle of Karma, Kunzang Choden’s debut novel, is a story of a woman in search of her identity in a world dominated by men. In the novel, the protagonist, Tsomo, unlike the other women in her village, wants to read and write like the gomchens (lay monks) studying under her father...