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  1. dalsingh1zero1

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji And Intercaste Marriages - Chaupa Singh Rehit

    I found this text fascinating. It’s an extract from an old rehatnama which is commonly referred to as the Chaupa Singh rehatnama today. The form is which this document reaches us today is not without its own complexities (like many/most Sikh manuscripts of older provenance). The stark...
  2. S

    Chaupa Singhs Rehatnama

    SCANNED The Khalsa in Chaupa Singh’s Rahitnama
  3. Sikhi 24/7

    The Chaupa Singh Rahitnama

    What is a Rahitnama Among Sikhs Rahit means a discipline which they are required to follow in their daily life. It represents their life-style and is an index of their world-view. Nama means a writing or a manual. Rahitnama is, therefore, a codified statement of Sikhs' conduct in life. It is...