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  1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Who Cares For Our History ?

    How very AKIRTGHANH have we become ? How very capitalistic, greedy and SELFISH ? IN GURBANI the WORST words are used for the AKIRTGHAN..the SELFISH person..even worse than a murderer or a thief or a man of low morals..is a selfish person..the akirtghann. On the Fileds of Chapar Jhiri near...
  2. K

    Opinion Bijlipur Village Cares For Its Girls

    Bijlipur village cares for its girls Sarbjit Dhaliwal Tribune News Service Samrala, September 7 Situated at a short distance from here, Bijlipur, with a population of 650, has more girls than boys. Its panchayat wants the village should get recognition at the national level.Whereas in...
  3. L

    Other Religions On Sikhi: WHO CARES

    Other religions on sikhi: WHO CARES By Lionchild Recently, there has been a surge of posts on other religions and their views on sikhi. My Question to any member who posts those - what is the point? Or the actual goal of creating those kind of posts? While we all are sometimes stunned at...