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    A Sikh Wearing A Cap?

    Hi All, Does anyone know of any Gurbani reference where a sikh is barred from wearing a cap? It is a verifiable fact that first five Gurus wore a Seli Topi (cap), which lies in a Gurudwara Sahib in Kiratpur. We believe in many things..some of which fall short of coherent argument. However, we...
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    Sikh News Another Feather In The Cap Of Sikhs

    Canadian Sikh priest fined $415,000 for sexually abusing niece. Monday, June 30th, 2008 News Source: VANCOUVER: A court here has ordered a Sikh priest and his wife to pay $415,000 in damages to their niece for sexually...
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    NHL Players Agree To Accept Salary Cap (AP)

    AP - The NHL players' association agreed to accept a salary cap, but contract talks broke down early Tuesday over the amount that teams would pay.*