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    Sikh News Radio Pakistan Can't Digest Seeing Prosperous Indian Sikh Farmers (ANI Via Yahoo! Ind

    Majitha (Punjab), Oct 30 (ANI): Ignoring the fact that Punjab is known as the granary of India, Radio Pakistan's 'Punjabi Durbar' programme continues to broadcast the view that Sikh farmers are struggling to obtain proper water and electricity supply. The broadcast that is aired from Lahore...
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    Sikh News Air India Bombing Trial: Mumbai Grandmother Can't Forgive

    ... has said the bombings were an act of revenge by Sikh separatists for the 1984 raid by Indian forces on the Golden Temple at Amritsar, Sikhism's holiest shrine. ... http://www3.cjad.com/content/cp_article.asp?id=/global_feeds/CanadianPress/WorldNews/w031597A.htm