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    Europe's Small-Cap Fever (BusinessWeek Online)

    BusinessWeek Online - Europe's small-cap stock markets are booming. Last year, the London Stock Exchange's junior exchange for small companies, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), attracted 226 initial public offerings, the most in its 10-year history and more than three times the number...
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    TIBCO: Ripe For Picking? (BusinessWeek Online)

    BusinessWeek Online - If William Harnisch sees a dive in a stock he believes in, he buys more. He did that with TIBCO Software , whose shares tumbled from 12 in mid-February to 7 on Mar. 2 -- after the company disappointed the Street with dismal quarterly profits. On Apr. 20 the stock was at...
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    Beyond Blue (BusinessWeek Online)

    BusinessWeek Online - It was over a lunch in Cincinnati two years ago that IBM Chief Executive Samuel J. Palmisano got his first inkling of Big Blue's next act. Palmisano was talking business with A.G. Lafley, CEO of Procter & Gamble Co. , one of IBM's big customers. At one point, Lafley asked...
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    Talking With One Tough Mother (BusinessWeek Online)

    BusinessWeek Online - Gertrude Boyle, affectionately known as "Gert," is not your typical entrepreneur -- let alone company chairman. She had no interest in business and was rather content raising her three children while her husband ran the family business -- a small outdoor-clothing concern...