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  1. S

    Death Is A Sorrow But So Is Birth Isn't It ? Jamman-maran Is A Dukh!

    I don't know how many 25 yr olds feel in a situation like mine : broke, hurt, wounded, suffering from self-pity , depression, low self-esteem , unemployment , .... It seems like many of them are enjoying their life to the fullest. But now that I feel I am seeing what seems like ' life for...
  2. linzer

    USA NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands Of Times Per Year, Audit Finds

    NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds By Barton Gellman, Friday, August 16, 2:48 AM The National Security Agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Opinion U.S. Education Is Going Broke On Progressivism

    U.S. education is going broke on progressivism George F. Will - 13/04/04 9:02 AM ET The real vocation of some people entrusted with delivering primary and secondary education is to validate this proposition: The three R’s — formerly reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic — now are racism...
  4. S

    Treasurer Of DeLay Group Broke Texas Election Law (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - AUSTIN, May 26 -- A state judge ruled Thursday that the treasurer of a political fundraising committee organized by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) violated the state's election law by failing to report $684,507 in contributions from corporations and other donors in...