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    Opinion The Brahma Dilemma. Why Don't Indians Give Back To Society?

    Why Indians don’t give back to society by Aakar Patel, Mint, July 4, 2009 Some characteristics unite Indians. The most visible is our opportunism Why don’t we worship Brahma? We know he’s part of the Hindu trinity as the creator, but we worship Vishnu, manager of the cosmos, and Shiva, its...
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    Should Sikh Vocabulary Decrease?

    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal! Dear all! On a forum I read these sentences. "There is no need for Brahma, the god of generation; Vishnu, the god of operations; or Shiva, the god of destruction. According to Guru Nanak all these operation happen according to Hukam." "I do not see...