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    Sikh News UK: Sikh Girl Suspended Again For Wearing Bracelet (

    Sarika Singh, 14, the only Sikh girl at Aberdare Girls School in South Wales, has been suspended for the second time for refusing to take off her 'kara'. More...
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    Sikh News UK Sikh Girl May Move Court Over Ban On Her Bracelet In School (ANI Via Yahoo! India

    London, Nov 14 (ANI): A fourteen-year-old Sikh girl, who was suspended from her school in South Wales for wearing a 'Kara'-- a religious bracelet-- is planning to challenge the matter in the court of law. Sarika Singh, a student of Aberdare Girls' School, was suspended for a week after she...
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    Sikh News Sikh Girl,14, Plans Court Challenge After School Bans Her Bracelet (Daily Mail)

    A teenager excluded from school for wearing a religious bangle is seeking a judicial review. Sarika Singh, 14, was suspended for a week from her comprehensive after refusing to remove her Sikh bracelet, known as a Kara More...
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    Sikh News Sikh Girl Suspended For Wearing Religious Bracelet (Times Online)

    A Sikh girl who was suspended from school when she refused to remove a religious bracelet, is to take legal advice in an effort to overturn the decision. More...
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    Sikh News School Sends Girl, 14, Home For Wearing A Sikh Bracelet (Daily Mail)

    A teenager has been excluded from school for wearing a religious bangle. Sarika Singh, 14, refused to remove her Sikh bracelet, known as a Kara, because she feels it is 'a constant reminder to do good' More...
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    Sikh News Goalie In Sikh Bracelet Row (Manchester Online)

    Goalie in Sikh bracelet row (Manchester Online)*http%3A// Array Tue, 18 Apr 2006 09:06:46 GMT A YOUNG Sikh footballer had to have his religious...