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    Leisure Monty Panesar Bowls His Way Back Into England Contention

    Monty Panesar roared back into England contention yesterday with his second five-wicket haul in successive matches to strengthen Sussex's lead in the Division Two championship. It is a year since the Sikh of Tweak played a starring role to bat out a draw with James Anderson to save the...
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    Sikh News `Monty Python' Bowls Warne Over (The Hindu)

    `Monty Python' bowls Warne over (The Hindu)*http%3A// Array Fri, 04 Aug 2006 20:27:29 GMT London: World cricket's highest wicket-taker Shane Warne says England spinner...
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    Sikh News Golden Spades And Silver Bowls Not Missing: SGPC:

    [India News]: Amritsar, Feb 27 : SGPC today said the golden spades and silver bowls of the Golden Temple, which were reported missing during a cleanliness ...