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    SciTech Sex Fiends From Facebook, MySpace Get Boot In Crackdown Of Internet Predators

    ALBANY - In a major crackdown on Internet predators, more than 3,500 convicted New York sex fiends have been booted from two online social networking sites, sources told the Daily News. The pervs were kicked off Facebook and MySpace in the first sweep of registered sex offenders under the...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom The Boot Of The State

    THE FLINGING of a desultory shoe by an unhappy journalist at the home minister of India demands the dispelling of three different myths. The first is the self-image Indians, particularly Hindus, have of themselves: of being a tolerant and non-violent people. Any reading of the events of those...
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    Even The Cowboy Boot Now Sports 'Made In China' Even the cowboy boot now sports 'Made in China' Christian Science Monitor - 12 hours ago ... Wrangler jeans, and Tony Lama cowboy boots.. Get all of todays headlines, or alerts on specific topics. It would be hard to find a ...