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  1. Archived_Member16

    Opinion Bleeding Hearts And Bleeding Heads

    August 11, 2011 Bleeding hearts and bleeding heads August 11, 2011 Sherri Torjman and Ken Battle - THE TORONTO STAR There is no excuse for the shocking violence taking place on the streets of London. The rioters and looters have destroyed the livelihoods of many innocent, hard-working people...
  2. R

    S Asia Afghanistan Bleeding: 18-yr-old's Nose, Ears Cut Off For Fleeing Abusive Husband

    KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: She cannot read or write and had never heard of Time magazine until a visitor brought her a copy of this week’s issue, the one with the cover picture of her face, the face with no nose. On Wednesday, the young woman, Bibi Aisha, left Kabul for a long-planned trip to...
  3. spnadmin

    Poetry Bleeding Limbs Of The Sikhs (A Book Review)

    The Bleeding Limbs of the Sikhs By Balbir Singh The pains of the contemporary period of people explained in the history book titled 'The Bleeding limbs of the Sikhs' written by Sardar Avtar Singh Gill, Additional District & Sessions Judge (Retired) is like the...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Politics Punjab Bleeding Itself To Stay Afloat

    Punjab bleeding itself to stay afloat Rs 400 cr worth of govt securities sold every month Deprived of cash flow and faced with a huge subsidy bill, the cash-strapped Punjab government has virtually been selling off over Rs 400 crore of its government securities each month this year, in order...