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  1. spnadmin

    Nature In The Land Of One Million Snake Bites

    by ROHINI RAMAKRISHNAN The documentary “One Million Snake Bites” sends out the message – that humans and snakes must learn to coexist. Snakes move swiftly and people in crowded cities jostle each other…the documentary “One Million Snake Bites” (that was screened recently at Sathyam Cinemas to...
  2. Admin

    Legal Another Baba Bites The Dust!

    Another baba Bites The Dust by ADAM WAGNER Jeet Singh v. Eastern Media Group & Anor [2010] EWHC 1294 (QB) (17 May 2010) The English High Court has effectively thrown out a libel action against a journalist who claimed in an article that a baba was a "cult leader". The judge's...