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    Bhatt Swayias : Significance

    Significance of the Bhatt Swayias Prof. Devinder Singh Chahal, Ph. D* * Institute for Understanding Sikhism, 4418 Martin-Plouffe, Laval, Quebec, Canada H7W 5L9. Email: Sikhism@iuscanada.com -kindly Google out-
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    Bhatt -Bani: A View Point

    Sikh 80 ji Wazir Singh has given very clear picture about Bhat ji and their sincere eulogizing of Guru Sahiban. A lot of other stories were spread about them but in Guru Granth Darpan, Dr Sahib Singh ji clearly proves how Bhat ji Sahbaan remain in aligned to Gurmat and the stories spread about...
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    Is Bhatt Bani Not Guru?

    Gurbani came from the True Source: Divine Lord. Gurbani is Gurprashaad. Guru Stamped it with word ‘GurPrasaad’ everywhere. Gurbani is compiled as a collection of Hymns collected from different Saints irrespective of color, cast, creed, time and religion. Jahangir wanted Guru Ji to delete Bani of...
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    Sikh News The Rediff Special/ Sheela Bhatt In New Delhi (India Abroad)

    How a Sikh gent got Salman Butt out! When President Pervez Mushrarraf is at the Ferozeshah Kotla cricket ground in New Delhi, your ticket worth Rs 5,000 means nothing. There is no concession whatsoever to people holding that expensive piece of paper...
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    Sikh News Is Mahesh Bhatt Considering Deleting Meera's Controversial Kissing

    ... The protests made by Christian groups against SINS and the recent cuts imposed on SHABD, since it offended the Sikh community are prime examples of fascist ... http://www.glamsham.com/movies/scoops/05/mar/03meera.asp