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  1. Harry Haller

    Who Exactly Would Benefit From This?

    This morning, I have managed to lose the spring from an IBM laptop, ok, its not a big deal, I just needed to find a help article to help me find where exactly the spring is, and how it sits. I came across the following article...
  2. Archived_Member16

    World UN: World Will Miss Economic Benefit Of 1.8 Billion Young People

    UN: World will miss economic benefit of 1.8 billion young people Population report says lack of education, infrastructure and jobs will mean a generation's potential will be wasted Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 26 October 2011 13.32 BST Shoeshine...
  3. T

    Islam Islam A Threat Or Benefit To Britain?

    Dear friends Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and all others. Should the British be concerned about the growing influence of Islam within their country? I am not trying to knock Islam in itself; just concerned about the present interpretation that today’s Muslims have with their beliefs. 1: Do you believe...