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    Canada Sikhs 'disappointed' By Quebec Vote Barring Kirpans From Assembly

    [B]Sikhs 'disappointed' by Quebec vote barring kirpans from assembly[/B QUEBEC — Members of Canada's Sikh community said they were 'disappointed' Wednesday evening after Quebec's national assembly adopted a motion by a vote of 113-0 supporting the decision by security workers to bar four...
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    The Limits Of Free Will

    Question: What are the limits to ‘free will?’ From Ask the Religion experts Rev. RAY INNEN PARCHELO is a novice Tendai priest and founder of the Red Maple Sangha, the first lay Buddhist community in Eastern Ontario. That we all can make choices is fundamental to Buddhist practice. Life...
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    Canada Sikhs Reach Out To BQ/Bloc Quebecois

    OTTAWA — The World Sikh Organization of Canada reached out to the Bloc Quebecois Thursday in an attempt to calm a brewing storm about the kirpan, a ceremonial dagger carried by religious Sikhs. "We feel that there has been lot of rhetoric thrown around and that the only way to overcome any...