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  1. spnadmin

    Events General Baghel Singh: Story Of A Crushing Mughal Defeat

    A page from History General Baghel Singh He gave a crushing defeat to tottering Mughals Baghel Singh remained in charge of Delhi for the sole purpose of building seven Gurdwaras. In February 1783, Budha Dal numbering about 60,000 under the leadership of Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Baghel...
  2. N

    Sardar Baghel Singh Dhaliwal

    Sardar Baghel Singh Dhaliwal was leader of Karora Singhia misl. He ruled between Delhi and Hoshairpur. He subdued Mughal King, Shah Alam II and constructed seven historical Gurudwaras in Delhi. Between 1765-1781, the Sikhs conquered Delhi 15 times. In 1781, Sardar Baghel Singh unfurled...
  3. Prabjyot Kaur

    Noble And Brave Sikh Women - Baghel Kaur

    BY Sawan Singh Gogia, Principal (Retd.) Baghel Kaur A newlywed Hindu girl was returning along with her groom and the marriage party to the village of her in- laws when some Mughal soldiers abducted her and looted her dowry.Her groom and the members of the marriage party who were unarmed were...