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    What Are The Attributes Of Dhur Kee Baanee?

    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakaal! Dear all! Does Dhur Kee Baanee occurs once or it repeats also? I hope all Sikhs know Dhur Kee Baanee and will express their valuable experiences. Thanks. Balbir Singh
  2. E

    God's Attributes

    is it impossible for people to comprehend god, when no attributes are given to an all knowing single spirit. All religions have attached attributes to their gods sothat their religion is easier to swallow. It seems that human kind is unable to accept a god without human characteristics. We have...
  3. Admin

    Attributes Of A True Religion

    1. Sikhs are often asked, for the sake of argument, if Guru Nanak was a Prophet. Sikhs do not need to entertain the question whether the Guru Nanak was a Prophet. Guru Nanak and the other nine Sikh Gurus were not "prophets" in the Semitic sense. For instance, they never tried to impress people...