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  1. aristotle

    USA US Sikhs Attain Legal Victory, Allowed To Wear Turbans In Driving License Photos

    A Sikh American has won a legal victory in the US state of Minnesota allowing Sikhs to wear their turbans in driving license identification photographs. The major legal victory for Sikh Americans came yesterday when Jatinder Singh of Blaine, Minnesota and SALDEF (Sikh American Legal Defense...
  2. Astroboy

    Celestial Peace - How To Attain It ?

    Adj.1.celestial - of or relating to the sky; "celestial map"; "a heavenly body"heavenly 2.celestial - relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven; "celestial beings"; "heavenly hosts"heavenly 3.celestial - of heaven or the spirit; "celestial peace"; "ethereal melodies"; "the supernal happiness...
  3. P

    What Kind Of Life One Should Lead To Attain Mukti (salvation)?

    Q: According to Sikhism, how can one attain salvation? What kind of life one should lead to attain salvation? A: In order to attain salvation one must live a honest life and meditate on God. Sikhism shows the way to attain salvation and become One with God. Sikhism instructs that you do not...