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  1. spnadmin

    USA Attacker Of Elderly Sikh Sent To Mental Hospital

    Attacker of elderly Sikh sent to mental hospital http://zeenews.india.com/news/world/attacker-of-elderly-sikh-sent-to-mental-hospital_897939.html Washington: A US court has ordered that a homeless man, legally incompetent to stand trial for attacking an elderly Sikh man earlier this...
  2. spnadmin

    USA Attacker Of Elderly Sikh In US Pleads Not Guilty

    Attacker of elderly Sikh in US pleads not guilty http://zeenews.india.com/news/world/attacker-of-elderly-sikh-in-us-pleads-not-guilty_851772.html Washington: The transient accused of brutally attacking an 81-year-old Sikh man outside a gurdwara in the US May 5 has pleaded not guilty of...
  3. Archived_Member16

    India Sukhram Attacker Slaps Sharad Pawar In Delhi

    Sukh Ram Attacker Slaps Sharad Pawar in Delhi New Delhi | Nov 24, 2011 Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar was today attacked by a youth claiming to protest against price rise and corruption but the Congress party blamed it on a statement by BJP while there was all-round condemnation of...
  4. K

    India Temple Attacker Gets Life

    http://austrianindependent.com/news/General_News/2010-09-28/4716/Temple_attacker_gets_life Temple attacker gets life A 35-year-old Sikh was sentenced to life behind bars yesterday (Mon) for killing a guru of the Ravidas movement in a temple in Vienna last year. Prosecutor Stefan...