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  1. Amos Vos

    Concept Of Total Liberation, Name Of God, Sikhism And Astrology

    Hello everybody I'm mainly interested in the concept of total liberation and the question about the recitation of the Name of God..how do we know the Name of God? Did He/She said it to us..all religions and phlisophies came up with different names....could someone explain that to me..with words...
  2. R

    Hinduism Money Laundering And Astrology

    In the existing money-oriented world where science is in a dominating position, Astrology should have been recognized as a greater science. However due to some sect of hypocrite with self-centered motive have some how managed India astrologer and astrology to be considered as an assumption...
  3. BhagatSingh

    General Real Astrology!

    YouTube- Derren Brown Astrology no comments :D
  4. spnadmin

    Hindu Origins Of Astrology - Any Relevance To Sikhi?

    The Rehit Maryada explicitly forbids consulting with soothsayers. Guru Nanaak spoke of the ever-present truth of the Divine's hukam - unknowable and firm. The Sikh view of karma is not a fatalistic view. Yet even some Sikhs, members of a truly modern religion, just like members of other faiths...
  5. D

    Correlating Astrology And Theory Of Karma

    Astrologers say that you are getting troubles due to the movement of the planets. This means that you are getting the trouble not due to your previous sins. Therefore you feel that you are unnecessarily getting troubles, even though you have not done any sin. Astrologers say that a police...