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    Sukhmani Sahib - 7th Astapadee - 5th Pauri - My Understanding

    Dear Khalsa Ji, With the grace of ‘The Sat’, today I share my understanding of 5th Pauri of 7th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib with you. Please note that the English sentence after the Transliteration is not the exact literal translation of the sentence, it is the meaning of the tuk as...
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    3rd Pauri: 3rd Astapadee: Sukhmani Sahib

    Dear Khalsa, ‘The Sat’ willing, I will share my understanding of the 3rd Pauri of 3rd Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib. In this Pauri too, Guru Sahib has emphasized the path of ‘Naam’ and also explained why other paths that are practiced are not of any use. Guru Sahib has again emphasized the need...