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  1. Taranjeet singh

    Political Aspects Of Sikh Dharam

    Political Aspect of Sikh Dharam Raghbir Singh* Politics without Dharma is a fertile field for corruption breeding and Dharmik life without political power cannot sustain. Both are essential complements of each other. So long as Sikhs were loyal to the Sikh tenets and lived as per teachings...
  2. spnadmin

    Legal Learning The Legal Aspects Of Computing

    Learning the legal aspects of computing B. S. WARRIER Cyber law is one area where IT professionals and legal experts have to work in tandem to protect users, empower enforcement agencies, and punish offenders. Computer and Internet are being used every day by billions of people around...
  3. Admin

    What Religion Embraces Both The Positive And Negative Aspects In Life?

    Quote: " Life isn’t all rainbows and joy. While positive things are what humans tend to focus on, negative things are still apart of the order of life and Nature. When I say positive, I speak of life, light, order, joy, etc. Negative would be death, darkness, chaos, anger, etc. What, if any...