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  1. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom No Immunity! Kamal Nath Summoned By US Courts In 1984 Sikh Riots Case

    Kamal Nath summoned by US court in 1984 Sikh riots case By Arun Kumar Washington, Jan 23 (IANS) Indian Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath has been summoned by a New York court for a pre-trial conference Feb 9 for his alleged role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.The trial will proceed as the...
  2. R

    Final Argument Against Obama

    Do you think that Obama is going to win because the Republicans have such a bad candidate? Why did John McCain make his final argument against Obama... coal? That's his closing argument? William Ayers, Rev. Wright, spreading the wealth, Born Alive, meeting dictators without preconditions, etc...
  3. stupidjassi

    Islam Argument With Muslim

    Below is the perfect exmaple that how people actually reacted from sikhism. Atheist society Finally found Flawless religion (sikh) when they were failed to find any contradictions in SGGS and giving their recomendations to Ali ( Muslim fellow). Below are the 3 mails interchanged by them...