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    Sikh News Italy: Homage To Indian Soldiers Killed In WW II (Adnkronos)

    Italy: Homage to Indian soldiers killed in WW II Nearly 6,000 Indian soldiers died in Italy during World War II and many of them lie buried in five war cemeteries around the country, including Cassino - the site of the one of the major battles fought against the Germans towards the end of...
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    Sikh News Pakistan: Sikh Pilgrims To Travel To Border Village This Week (Adnkronos)

    Pakistan: Sikh pilgrims to travel to border village this week (AKI/DAWN) - Thousands of Sikhs from across the world, particularly from India and European counties, will be travelling to a village in Pakistan later this week, to visit the grave of the religion's founder, Guru Nanak.Three...