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    General 75% Of Punjabi Youth Are Drug Addicts!

    Glut - The Untold Story of Punjab on Vimeo Is this a load of rubbish or is there some truth in it???
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    Sikh News Half Of Cops In Punjab Are Drink, Drugs Addicts (Reuters Via Yahoo! India News)

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Over half the police officers in the border areas of the prosperous breadbasket state of Punjab were drug addicts or alcoholics, The Times of India reported on Wednesday, quoting a survey by the police deparment. More...
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    Sikh News 50% Punjab Cops Addicts: Survey (The Times Of India)

    Thousands of Punjab policemen, who arrest drug peddlers and seize narcotics each day, are also waging a battle against addiction amongst its own people. More...
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    Sikh News 52% Of Cops In Punjab Are Addicts (The Times Of India)

    Punjab police have woken up to the dark reality and steps are being contemplated to clean up the Aegean stables. More...
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    Sikh News 52% Of Cops In Punjab Are Addicts (The Times Of India)

    CHANDIGARH: Punjab police, which earned laurels for waging a successful war against militancy in Punjab throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, seems to be fighting a losing battle today to drug addiction. More...
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    3 Million Addicts Can't Be Wrong (The Motley Fool)

    The Motley Fool - It has become accepted wisdom that Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL - News) iPod is the new must-have. That's because the music player-cum-fashion accessory has rejuvenated the Mac maker's prospects in almost every respect. Sales have accelerated dramatically. Profits are skyrocketing...