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    One Pail At A Time. By Harkiren Kaur

    What happens after the cremation? The last rite for Sikhs usually involves dispersing the remains in flowing water. HARKIREN KAUR has something to say about it. A few days ago, Mataji remarked to me that I should write about Port Klang. “Port Klang?” I looked at her, blank and confused. “You...
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    Islam Jailed In Saudi Arabia For Peaceful Activism

    Jailed in Saudi Arabia for peaceful activism By Waleed Abulkhair Waleed Abulkhair is a human rights activist in Jeddah...
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    Sikhi: A New Book About A New Outlook

    Waheguruji ka Khalsa! Waheguruji ki Fateh! By the grace of Akal Purakh and with the blessings of Guruji, I feel most grateful to be able to share with you the news that I have just been able to publish on-line a new book with a new outlook on Sikhi. My own view, is that this was the original...
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    Controversial Support For Activism Waning In The Punjabi Community? (an Editorial By Gurpreet Singh)

    Support for activism waning in the Punjabi community? South Asia Post Gurpreet Singh writes from Vancouver AS the 2010 Winter Olympic ends, the absence of the Punjabis at the anti Olympic rallies held in Vancouver throughout the event has left many wondering whether support for...
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    Re-defining Sikh Activism

    (Re)Defining Sikh Activism Sikh Scholars, Ivory Towers, and the Sikh Community A critique by Jaspreet Kaur The author engages with suggestions made by Prof IJ Singh and charaterises these as efforts "to plug holes that don’t...
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    Principles Of Spiritual Activism

    Principles of Spiritual Activism The following principles emerged from several years' work with social change leaders. They are offered not as definitive truths, but rather as key learnings and guidelines that, taken together, comprise a useful framework for spiritual...