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  1. linzer

    India Call On The Indian Parliament To Abolish Child Slavery In India By Immediately Passing The Child And

    The following sponsored email was sent to you from WalkFree.org via AlterNet: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 700px" border=0 cellSpacing=1 summary="" cellPadding=1 align=center><TBODY><TR><TD> Dear AlterNet Reader, Every day, millions of children in India wake up to long hours of back-breaking...
  2. Tejwant Singh

    Islam Lack Of Swordsmen: Saudi Arabia May Abolish Beheadings

    A Lack of Swordsmen May Lead Saudis to Abolish Beheadings By Sorcha Pollak Read more: http://world.time.com/2013/03/11/a-lack-of-swordsmen-may-lead-saudis-to-abolish-beheadings/#ixzz2NLw1WTB6 Is this what progress looks like in Saudi Arabia? The Kingdom is considering ending execution...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Legal Abolish Death Penalty, EU Tells India

    Abolish death penalty, EU tells India Death sentences for many Indian fugitives hang in balance as EU supports abolition of death penalty Iftikhar Gilani - New Delhi - 10 October 2011 The issues of the execution of Devender Pal Singh Bhullar and charging Abu Salem, a close associate of...