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Recent content by xtracx

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    Noah's Ark

    Good day to everyone! Just being very curious, (and the fact that a movie is coming out in theatres which contextually speaks of this; Evan Almighty) Does the SGGS or anything at all in sikhism have any references to Noahs ark or the 'great flood', as mentioned in the Qu'ran and the Bible...
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    I do know some sikh prayers...but i don't mean those kind of prayers. I mean those of which i ask god for something, like "O God, thank you for the day the dinner i had today. God may you bless me tomorrow as i go for my holiday, that i will have a safe plane ride......etc'
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    Hi All, I live in Spore. Although i am a teenage sikh, my mother tongue is infact Mandarin (Chinese ). My parents made me take up this language as in the Asian Peninsula, China is a Business Paradise. I cannot speak punjabi at all..although i understand simple terms of the language...
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    Trouble Between Religions

    Hi all, I feel very troubled mentally day after day about my faith. Yes, i am a young teenage sikh but i have just 1 question that burns my mind everyday! Despite whatever religion anyone believes in...do they all lead to GOD? I mean, why shouldnt i believe in christianity...