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Recent content by soulfullofmusic

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    Hard Talk How Many Sikhs Have Married Out Of Caste/race?

    Re: How Many Siks Have Married out Of Jaat/Zaat (Caste/Race) I don't know how many times we will call us JATT or somthing else.. May be first we need to know who we are and what is our religion. Human is our first religion and then next. HUMAN make this religion not God. And God is one, so why...
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    Macromedia Flash Animation And Designing

    Hello, my sikh friends, I am harpal singh From INDIA and I am a Macromedia Flash designer and animator. I want to make a team of good sikh boys who can work together with me and help me in the busniess. First you look at my work and portfolio. http://www.anygrafix.biz/resume/resume_flash.html I...