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    Sects Why Have Sikhs Changed Sikhism?

    Thank you my brother - I am not angry - I have feelings but also want to be on the true path, some of my comments may have been harsh and you have been frank and honest, I do appreciate that, as I am learning all the time, but I can not understand how the GGS can be re-written, to exclude the...
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    What Is God? Or In Which Type Of God Do You Believe?

    Re: What is God ? or, In which type of God do you believe? I ask for the Universal creator the one, to be the light at the end of my life to free me from births and from deaths and keep me, at his feet, for he is mighty and graceful and there is no other than the true creator - LOOK around you...
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    Why Are My Animals More Sikh Than Me?

    a animal/gods gift to humanity is not full of ego, want or desire, does not preach or proclaim falsehood, a friend for life and gives love unconditionally - I agree animals are better sikhs - HUMANS have a lot to learn before they can meet the Universal creator, who sustains and provides all...
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    Sects Why Have Sikhs Changed Sikhism?

    May the enlighten soul - wake to the Universal god, may the Guru Granth bring us out of darkness as intended by our Guru jis' Thank you my brothers for your comments as you have gods light embibed within you to offer such guidance, may the True FOLLOWERS BE FREED FROM THE CYCLE OF BIRTHS AND...
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    Sects Why Have Sikhs Changed Sikhism?

    I am a sikh - non amritdari - but wish to progress to the taking of the divine Nectar Before I proceed I have some issues as I am lost and confused : I have family members (who are AKJ followers) I do not wish to follow their way of life for the following reasons: The AKJ as well as the...