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    Controversial Uneducated Comments By Sajjid Khan On A Commendable Gatka Performance At India's Got Talent Spark Co

    Sajid Khan is a fool. I dont know why he was so ****** off. Maybe being a Muslim himself the display of 'violence' brought the images of small 5 yr old Muslim Suicide bombers in front of his head. Every Muslim is paranoid in present times. Cant help it.
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    How Punjab Was Won

    The Trust Betrayed: The Sikh Ethnic Minority and the Indian State, (1946-1966) CHHANDA CHATTERJEE*, Ph. D. * 57/1, Padda Pukur Road, Kolkata 700 020. [Emphasis and para headings our - Ed. SR] OF ALL THE RACES IN THE INDIAN sub-continent, the Sikhs were the last to surrender to the British...
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    How Punjab Was Won

    Sikhs would have gotten autonomous state if it wasnt for Master Tara Singhs love for Congress leader Nehru. Master Tara Singh alongwith three other leaders went to London to discuss about it and the Crown was willing to give a large land to Sikhs but Master came back with 'arms in arms' with...
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    Sikh Or Khalsa

    IMO A Sikh is one who follows only Sikh Gurus. A Khalsa can be anyone who is accepted by Guru whether he follows Gurus faith or not.
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    Sikh Religion Is Not A Separate Community

    Actually Sikhs are not seperate from anyone. Time and again Guru Granth Sahib stresses that all living beings come from one source and are same. Sikhs are part of the whole world community. We are part of sarbat (whole people of earth). We ask for Sarbat da Bhalla (welfare for whole world)...
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    300 Sau Saal Sikhi Sroop De Naal- BEWARE !

    Thanks gyani ji. I now think even the slogan 300 saal guru de naal was Totally WRONG !!! What about Sikhs before Guru Gobind Singh????? Were they NOT with Guru????? What about Bhai Mati Das, Sati Das, Dayala???? OMG
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    Sikh Religion Is Not A Separate Community

    What about those sikhs whose ancestors were not hindus? :blinkingmunda: Bhai Mardana was a Muslim and did not convert to Sikhism all his life. His verse is in Guru Granth Sahib. Did Guru Gobind Singh who founded Khalsa give leadership role to Non-Baptised Sikhs or 'Hindus'?? Were it not 'Hindu'...
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    India's China Policy - The Ghost Of 1962

    if India was a 'national state' prior to 1947 why was there the need to conquer Goa? A lot of Indian History which is fed to masses is 'manufactured'. There are a lot of skeletons in present Govt of India and its security agencies' closets. Two of them are 1. Gandhi's myth 2. Akhand Bharat.
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    Sikh Fundamentalism: Heating Up Or Flaming Out?

    I dont support khalistan but i dont let my thinking get clouded by love for my country.
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    Sikh Extremism On The Rise In Canada, Says Terrorism Expert

    roab 1 ji, Forgive me I have reformatted some of this post so that we have a clearer picture of who is saying what. Narayanjot Kaur How 'honest' and 'credible' is this guy? I wont give him 1 cent. BTW he may support 'Khalistan' tommorrow if things were to turn around considering his past...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Jagdish Tytler Given Clean Chit In 84 Massacre Of Sikhs

    Court accepts clean chit to Tytler A Delhi court accepted the CBI’s clean chit to Congress leader Jagdish Tytler in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case. The court said the statements of two witnesses, who accused Tytler of inciting mobs to kill Sikhs in the aftermath of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s...
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    Rise In Extremism Or Rise In Hysteria? Canadian Sikhs Setting The Record Straight

    As per an entry on facebook UD's grandfather was jailed by 'British India' for 'Terrorist' activities and was even 'martyred' (hanged) and his own son faced trial for assaulting a police officer in 2001 but was let off due to 'loopholes' in Law!!!!!!! What a hypocrite ! BTW Guru Granth...
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    Against Extremism

    When did the organisers try to suggest about so called threats on facebook? Was Parmars photo up in this parade? Is the recent violence in temples related to Khalistan? It is not hard to understand with current economic scenario what makes the clock tick. Dosanjh's brain is getting soft...
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    Controversial McGuinty Attending Sikh Parade

    Sikh Youth Organization Demands Retraction of False Statements in the Toronto Sun | Earth Times News TORONTO, ONTARIO -- 04/23/10 -- - The Sikh Activist Network demands a retraction of the false statements in an article published online by the Toronto Sun on Thursday, April 22, 2010. This...
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    Ek Oankar - A Real Force

    ‘Ek Onkar — a real force’ “Ek Onkar…” or the ‘oneness in the creation’, chanted as a devotional melody, is now being scientifically studied as the “grand unification” of all forces in nature. Eminent physicist Prof Goran Senjanovic and Panjab University’s Prof CS Aulakh are working to...