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Recent content by RD1

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    History Lohri Legends: Punjabi Robinhood, The Tale Of Abdullah Khan 'Dullah' Bhatti

    Sadly it does not seem that the equality promoted in Sikhism is well understood or consistently practiced in reality. Cultural influences have a huge role in shaping peoples' ideas, and falsely attributing them to a religious/spiritual ideology. From female infanticide, to abuse of women, to...
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    Sikhi Guru Gobind Singh: The Man Non-pareil

    I don't believe that Guru Gobind Singh Ji overestimated us. The Gurus were all acutely aware of the power of maya to delude us and lead us astray, and also aware that humans do have the power to overcome this. We have the responsibility to direct our lives. Guru Gobind Singh Ji left us with all...
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    1984-2: At Patiala

    Thank you for sharing these valuable stories, and allowing us all to learn.
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    Sikh Leader Caught Kissing Transsexual

    I am kind of confused...is the article claiming that this guy kissing a transsexual, is bad? If its with consent.....then....what is the issue?
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    Remembering Oneness

    This is the most dangerous aspect. Terrorism is used a propaganda tool.
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    Society is wrong if they say that YOU should be ashamed. A symptom of this victim-blaming society. Its the perpetrator of such heinous acts who deserves all the shame, not you. Childhood sexual abuse is something that is very taboo in society, and not taken seriously; yet, the impacts of this...
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    Female Infanticide/abandonment Of Female Babies In Punjab/india

    The killing or abandoning of female babies is a prevalent issue in Punjab/India. What are your thoughts regarding why there is this hate for female children, despite the fact that our Gurus specifically spoke up against such gender-based violence.
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    Sikhi Bibi Prakash Kaur: Rescuing India's Abandoned Girls

    While its quite concerning how prevalent this issue of abandoning girls is....at least there are many people out there who do care, and are funding this initiative.
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    Are Ritual Making Weak Sikh

    The way that Amrit is done today - is this the way that Guru Gobind Singh envisioned?
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    Controversial The Hijackers Of Sikhi, Part 1: The Hijacking Explained

    It seems that all religions/spirtualities/philosophies become distorted with time......
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    Controversial The Hijackers Of Sikhi, Part 2: The Udasis

    Basically every Sikh I know belives very strongly that our Guru's performed miracles. It is very ingrained. Can we say for sure that this is false? Or is it all truly influence from other religions? How much is distorted, how much is not?
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    Controversial The Hijackers Of Sikhi, Part 2: The Udasis

    The more I'm reading, the more I am learning about different perspectives on sikhi. So much of the mainstream thought about sikhi seems wrong.....has it gotten to a point of no return?
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    Sikh Hindu Muslim Christain

    I understand what you're saying, and can agree. At what point through can someone be defined as a "Sikh?" What will make one a Sikh?
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    Why Do So Many Sikh Girls Date Hindu Guys And Despise Sikh Guys?

    Why is this? Can Sikh men understand better?