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Recent content by Parma

  1. Parma

    What Is Jyot (ਜੋਤਿ) As Per Gurbani?

    Absolute Stillness, which is real and in existence but remains unfathomable to projection, as its an ultimate resourceful circumference! Imagination...
  2. Parma

    History Lohri Legends: Punjabi Robinhood, The Tale Of Abdullah Khan 'Dullah' Bhatti

    ZAFARNAMA= NEW ZERO; so they were friends. That's love.
  3. Parma

    General On Scriptures

    Totally in Agreement!
  4. Parma

    Integrity And Honesty In Discussion

    That can only I guess be taken into account when reading an entire book on who the author is if the author is disputed, I'm trying to understand it too. Having said that I am not defending a value mechanism. The Dasam Granth Stands as it does. Nothing quite simple really the Dasam Granth is...
  5. Parma

    Integrity And Honesty In Discussion

    I can only go by trying to understand its interpretation the actual factual evidence of how the literature is regarded as acknowledgement of authentication on the Guru ji's work I can only gain by trying to understand its context. Any law that has ever been made or applied has been after human...
  6. Parma

    Integrity And Honesty In Discussion

    I am discussing the nature of the work. I don't feel that it is necessary to quote anything that I am trying to explain, it is a kind of a simple explanation and it is up to the writer on what they wish to debate and point they want to make. Without being rude. Please give consideration to...
  7. Parma

    Integrity And Honesty In Discussion

    The GGS isn't based on the concept of laws like the 10 commandments, but on a council of mohabbat of the ultimate spiritual guidance. I believe that the DG is a try to look into the area and prospect of law within Sikhi. As the Guru Granth Sahib ji is based on mohabbat in its fullest definition...
  8. Parma

    Buddhism Why Does Buddha Have A Jooda?

    I don't know about the full truth to that statement I never thought a persecuted individual was ever persecuted for trying to look as they feel; I never met the Guru's in a physical form but only by knowledge and experience of there humbling working thoughts. That's as far as I can debate a...
  9. Parma

    Sikhi Sound In The Process Of Creation Of Universe

    Hopefully they can delete my above post. It was always the Guru Granth sahib ji waheguru ji. It was just nice to know how big other's looked when other's are so small. Waheguru ji ki khalsa. Waheguru ji ki fathe.
  10. Parma

    Buddhism Why Does Buddha Have A Jooda?

    That's interesting.
  11. Parma

    Adopted Into A Sikh Family

    That must be a very hard situation to be in but having said that no family could ever be a family with a missing member humanities mission of Guru Nanak is until the end of time all families argue otherwise they wouldn't realise the cost to bare of being able to birth your own child adoptive or...
  12. Parma

    Sikhi Sound In The Process Of Creation Of Universe

    For me the shabad Guru is Jasvir how or if they mentioned it in the Guru Granth Sahib ji I will never know. Just ask for Jasvir in your prayers not mata for my storyline followers. My Waheguru ji is that shabad Jasvir ji
  13. Parma

    Writing Vaheguru. 51 Thousand Times Or One Lakh?

    It's a good experiment I was asked to do that as a kid it enables you to use more polite polished word's like. Please and thank you an so on, instead of caveman basics like Oi. Its a Good game. :mundawinks:
  14. Parma

    History Of Sikhism

    For me personally if someone asked me if I'm a Muslim I would say yes. If someone asked if I'm a Hindu I'd say yes. If someone asked if I'm a Buddhist I'd say yes. As the term Sikh means student and the Guru Granth Sahib ji gives a good guide on the terms of shabads from Allah, Hari, Ram...
  15. Parma

    Who Is This Creator Who Cares For Us In Such Grand Fashion?

    How are £1 Billion mouths going to look with out dental floss though and they say that I'm not good enough to be a fashion show model lol. Now that's a new type of clothing range. Like the old great plastic MJ said; it's black it's white; yeah yeah yeah yah yah yah Jokers. And so the philosophy...