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Recent content by param88

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    Sects Nanaksar Movement

    Brother I don't know where you got the news from but Langar is not banned in Nanaksar, I visit there almost every month and enjoy the langar. Secondly, about the Nishaan sahib, then please read my first post on page one of this forum. Baba Nand Singh ji never formed a gurudwara, the place was...
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    Sects Nanaksar Movement

    Veer Ji, by the same logic u're insulting Guru Granth Sahib Jee, that when there is the almighty akal purakh, y do we need the guru. The answer is to show us the way to him. I know there a lot of fake babas around but when someone truly shows you the way and joins you with your guru, won't...
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    Sects Nanaksar Movement

    Brothers and Sisters, I request you to please read this before using such harsh words for Nanaksar. You may be insulting a true saint out of ignorance. First of all the question of celibacy, Baba Nand Singh ji did not marry but he never asked his followers to abstain from a family life. Its...
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    Sikhism And Judgement Day

    Sikhism does not believe in a judgement day. We believe in the might of akal purakh, the creator who created the entire universe in the blink of an eye and can destroy it similarly. All we know is that akal purakh can do it....will, when, whether, what...all these questions we're too small to...