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    Translation By Swarn Singh Bains

    Ishna ji, I do not know as to why you are fascinated by the site.The very First Paudi of Japji sahib is incorrectly translated.The slok to38 paudi is not properly translated.It was enough for me to discard this site when we have where almost all possible resources are available.The...
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    How Important Is Matha Tekking?

    interesting thread! Harry your opinion sikhs shoulod not pray at all. You should not be surprised to make a note that Ardas is only a formal way of making a prayer but real prayer happens automatically when we do Nitnem of our five banis or for that mattter entire Granth sahib contains...
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    Is Hindu/Sikh A Valid Adherent?

    Mr. Harry, Entire Gurbani talks of Karma and re-births/incarnation/transmigration and what you state is as you prefer the things should be. Please do not spoil sikhi or whatever of it is left intact. However, this forum is free for all. But it should not give any room for error though margin...
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    General Whos Destroying Sikhi?

    But sadly in case of sikhs only sikhs are responsible for everything and all the mess that have been created. Members on this forum are talking anti gurmat philosophical things. They do not believe, here on this forum, in simran, in naam, in reincarnation , in Karma and other concepts. Even...
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    New SPN'er Introductions

    My name is navneeet kaur and am a new member. Hope to have a nice company.