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Recent content by Miranda

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    A Dilemma And A Question!

    Sat Shri Akal, My dilemma: I am a high school girl who wants to convert to Sikhism. My mom (although not extreamely religious herself) gets upset whenever I tell her that I do not wish to follow the Christian faith. I have not told her that I have a desire to be Sikh forfear of what her...
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    Interesting Questions Regarding Sikh Conversion

    Wow! Thank you all for the uplifting support and great answers so far! I hope my local Sikh community is just as welcoming. I really do appreciate it, and I think I have a much better handle on what to expect from the Sikh religion/ community. :happykudi:
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    Interesting Questions Regarding Sikh Conversion

    Hi there! I have a few questions about Sikhism. I am an American girl who is really new to the Sikh culture and way of life, and I'd love to learn more from someone more experienced :happykudi: (that being said, I apologize if anything I ask here comes off as rude or offensive; that isn't my...
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    Introducing Myself

    Hi! I found this forum through some google research about Sikhism and am thinking about converting. I am currently an American Christian and hope to have some great discussions on this site! :redturban: