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Recent content by max314

  1. max314

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    A moving extract. Thank you for that. I think it is true that we in the Sikh community haven't enough to establish non-governmental programs to help the future generations of Sikh Delhiites. What strikes me about the extract you quoted is that these widows are asking for neither revenge nor...
  2. max314

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    The Guru lived in a time of war when the law of the sword ruled supreme. Upon toppling Wazir Khan, the Guru established the first Sikh state. This was the way of the world. What do you propose as a modern means of delivering punishment? And what do you think will be the consequence of the...
  3. max314

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    Wazir Khan had committed war crimes, for which the Guru said he should be punished. When the Emperor failed to heed his words, the Guru took it upon himself and his Khalsa to serve the punishment. To make an example of Wazir Khan. But I do not accept the interpretation that the Guru was...
  4. max314

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    My understanding is Guru Gobind Singh Ji never gave the command to seek "revenge" for his family. Nor does it make any sense that he would. My understanding is that, after Guru-ji's passing, Banda Singh Bahadur killed the executioners of the two youngest Sahibjade, taking revenge of his own...
  5. max314

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    Thanks for the welcome back. Politics is always about operating in a bed of snakes. If you ask me, it takes a truly brave man - a true Statesman - to overlook personal emotions and to commit oneself to the greater good. The Mughal Emperor was responsible for the death of Guru Gobind Singh...
  6. max314

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    Do you honestly doubt for even a second that Mrs. Manmohan Singh experienced impossible pain when her brother died? She has dealt with the experience and tried to move on. The fact that someone saw her get upset in a fleeting moment when her husband failed to win an election is hardly...
  7. max314

    Fools Who Wrangle Over Flesh

    Excellent thread. Thank you very much for your valuable insights.
  8. max314

    Aim Of Debasing Oneself In Gurbani

    To conquer one's ego is not to be confused with low self-esteem. One who has conquered ego is calm and contented. One who has low self-esteem is always in pain.
  9. max314

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    Pride and anger are two of the Five Thieves. Why place stock in such destructive emotions? Faith in God's Will is the only way to lead a contented life.
  10. max314

    So We Sikhs Want A Homeland?

    Erase the borders that separate men. Do not erect new ones.
  11. max314

    Gurmat Sangeet Maryada In Jeopardy

    A word is but a shell, made by man, made for man. But Truth is beyond any and all words known to the ear of man. Relinquish the shell. And embrace Truth.
  12. max314

    Who Is A Guru?

    Guru is a general term, but we generally consider the ten masters at the centre of Sikkhism to be...like...THE Gurus. Like the ultimate. Sort of the last required port of call for guidance in one's life. The idea of Sikkhism was to strip away all the extraneous BS that had clouded...
  13. max314

    Sikh News 1984: A Sikh Story On BBC

    That's one way of looking at it. Another way would be to say that presenting a mona face to the public makes the topic more accessible. In a way, the presenters journey to becoming closer to Sikkhism will allow non-Sikhs and non-practising Sikhs to consider taking that journey themselves. If...
  14. max314

    Sikh News 1984: A Sikh Story On BBC

    Great introduction for Sikhs and non-Sikhs who don't already know the history. And it's great for Sikhs who don't know much about their religion to reconnect and rediscover the teachings of Gurbani. PS Who else thinks Mark Tully comes across like a slimy sympathiser of the Gandhi family? A...
  15. max314

    Sikh News Thai Translation Of Guru Granth Sahib Completed

    I had no idea there were so many Sikhs in Thailand. That's nice to know! :D