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Recent content by lionprinceuk

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    Sikhi Farewell to SIKHMARG website ....

    wow that is crazy, and just recent news
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    Should A Divorced Couple Perform Laava Phere

    it doesn't matter if one does the phere or not, it's the bani of Laavan which is more important. There are instances for Anand Karaj where couples sat down for the whole reading of bani.
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    Bhai Jagraj Singh (Basics Of Sikhi) Passes Away

    such sad news, I hope he has inspired enough people that they can carry on the sikhi teachings further.
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    Controlling Parents Need Help Please

    How can they disown you at 36? They should be happy that you have finally found someone! At your age, people aren't that fussed and are just glad that you are getting married! So mush extra stress being put in this situation. Tell your parents, do they want you to marry when you are a buddhi?
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    Gurus Guru's Descendants - Familial Blood Lines?

    wow you revived an old thread. Anyways, you're correct, as Guru Hargobind Sahib gave his son, Baba Gurditta ji, to become the next leader of the Udasis after Baba Sri Chand. Also, the line Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Haibhi Sach, Nanak hosi bhi sach was entered into Sukhmani Sahib when Guru Arjan...
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    Origin Of Dohra - Aagya Bhaee Akaal Ki Tabhi Chalayo Panth

    Anyone know why after this Dohra is recited, it changes according wo which sampradaiye/ sect that you follow? Such as Nihang Ardas: Sanatan Sikhi - The Nihang Ardas Dohra- Agia Bhai Akaal kee tabi chalayo Panth. Sab Sikhan ko hukam he Guru manio Granth, Guru Granth jee manio pargat Guran ki...
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    Sufism Is It Alright If I'm Interested In Sufism?

    I think it can help strengthen your sikhi. Remember singers such as Kanwar, Satinder Sartaj and Gurdas Mann have Sufi influences. The problem with current sikhi panth is that we have forgotten the Raag music of Tanti Saaj Gurmat Sangeet. As well as Sufi music, I would highly recommend listening...
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    Opinion It's Been A Year Since I Started Following Sikhi. Here's What I've Learned And Would Like Thoughts

    In Adi Guru Granth Sahib the term abhakhiya is used somewhere for halal. There is also something about slaughtering an animal in Allah's name or something very similar.
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    God / Onkaar

    In abrahmic terms, God is a being in the sky or in the clouds. This then just becomes a sarguna term, which doesn't really represent nirguna Waheguru Akaal Purakh.
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    I Feel That A Lot Of Sikh's Are Spiritually Dead

    sorry I meant to say de-emphasising bani with reduction of bana.
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    I Feel That A Lot Of Sikh's Are Spiritually Dead

    This is why I contrast the colonial term sikh"ism" with the our own term of sikhi. And the colonial influences still exist in SGPC, in modern jathebandis, the fact angrez firanghi harmonium is used instead of gurmat sangeet tanti saaj, banis like Chaupai Sahib and Rehraas and Aarti Aarta being...
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    (Forgotten Sikhs) Hindus That Are Sikhs/ Sikhs That Are Hindus

    Very late reply from me. But could be from Nanakpanthi community. There are other later sikh communities such as the Satnamis. I think the Sikligars follow Khalsa traditions and keep turban and beard, especially from the videos on Youtube about sikligar sikhs? My knowledge is limited here.
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    Atheism Is Atheism The Ultimate Sikhi?

    Am I too late to this discussion? Firstly, with regards to the turban and beard there's other sampradaiye in the wider sikh panth, ie parts of the sikh panth that have been made invisible by SGPC mainstream sikhi(ism) since colonial times. For example the udasi sikhs aren't all keshdhari. Then...
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    Hinduism Are Hindus Sacred Temple Fake?

    The idols only represent Sarguna roop. As sikhs we respect both Nirguna and Sarguna roop. However we do pooja of Nirguna roop. There are some who over-emphasise sarguna by doing pooja of the idols. Although I personally don't think there is anything wrong with pictures or idols for symbolic...