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Recent content by linzer

  1. linzer

    Ravi Bhalla Wins Hoboken Election, Becomes N.j.'s First Sikh Mayor

    By Corey W. McDonald The Jersey Journal HOBOKEN -- City Councilman Ravi Bhalla has emerged victorious in the six-person mayoral race, becoming the first Sikh mayor of the Mile Square City -- and the state of New Jersey. Bhalla, an Indian-American born in New Jersey, was endorsed by current...
  2. linzer

    President Trump - What Can We Expect?

    Just out of morbid curiosity, what are you information basing you opinion on?
  3. linzer

    Sikh American Attorney Harmeet Kaur Dhillon Elected To Top Position In Republican National Committee

    Good luck working with "The Donald".Just my opinion but it's like a Sikh wanting to work in the court ot of Aurangzeb. As an aside the Rebublican Party hasn't been "the party of Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman, the party of liberty and opportunity" for a very long time now.
  4. linzer

    Cultural Appropriation And Expressions Of Sikhi

    Most of the Singhs I know are fond of plaid shirts with coordinated turbans .Is that cultural appropriation?
  5. linzer

    Sikh World Sikh Parliament

    In a perfect world that might be true but women continue to earn on average only75% of what men earn ,in the states, and not for lack of so called merit. "Merit" is a a relative term some may think that White men by nature have more "Merit" than a women of color. Without direct pro-active...
  6. linzer

    Sikh World Sikh Parliament

    Yes, definitely it shouldn't be tied to any particular party, more of an issue based focus. I think it would depend on the size of the sangat in any given área as to whether or not they could support sub groups or not. I think an ideal would be to have women and men equally represented in the...
  7. linzer

    Sikh World Sikh Parliament

    I personally don't think there should be sub groups. They can be put on the sidelines as not "serious issues" It should be like the cabinet of the new Prime Minister of Canada 50/50 . I loved his quote when asked why he chose 50% women he replied because it's 2015. As for politics I think the...
  8. linzer

    Sikhi Sarbat Khalsa 2015

    This was forwarded to me by the Sikh Coalition. Does anyone know what topics are going to be addressed? http://www.sarbatkhalsa2015.com
  9. linzer

    On Sects & Denominations In Sikhi By I.J. Singh

    Sure You can pratice the "yogic lifestye" of 3HO and not be a Sikh but If you practice sikhi as a yogi that makes you part of a sect.
  10. linzer

    India Protests In India Over The Desecration Of A Holy Text Leave Two Dead

    From Time.com World India Sikh community staging a demonstration over the alleged desecration of a holy book at Baghapurana in Moga, India, on Oct. 14, 2015 Dozens were also injured at the protests in Punjab The alleged desecration of a holy Sikh book prompted widespread street protests in...
  11. linzer

    Islam The Guru's Advice To Muslims

    I've always loved this Shabad. Guru ji was addressing Muslims but the message applys to everone of any faith, just substitute the appropriate ritual, Holy Mass for Catholics, Akhand Path for Sikhs,etc. etc.
  12. linzer

    Arts/Society Learning To Drive

    Looks like he slept with his turban but other that that looks good.
  13. linzer

    Triple Mantra? What The?

    It's also cool to know that 99% of the stupid stuff I do is not my fault. I can blame it on bad energy. Since I'm protected from accidents now , thanks triple mantra, I think I'll get in my pickup and drive like a maniac. Catch ya later.:clevermunda::clevermunda::omgg:
  14. linzer

    Triple Mantra? What The?

    Ishna ji, Did you read the Text below the video? In this video, you'll learn how to protect your energy field and personal space from any negative interference, negative vibrations and all psychic attacks that might you might be under. By doing so, you can reestablish harmony and peace into...
  15. linzer

    Triple Mantra? What The?

    I'm sorry gentlemen, the triple mantra only comes with the Charkra Smoothie a blend of wheatgrass,chia,broccoli sprouts and gluten free organic soy milk .