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Recent content by learningsingh295

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    Question About Translations

    Thanks for your reply! In terms of my question, what I was saying is that from my understanding writing Satnam in Gurmukhi or even in English is different to writing "whose name is truth" in English purely from the perspective of defining what gurbani is, i.e. there is a third person giving his...
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    Question About Translations

    I'm a new member here and was hoping you can assist a concern I have that has been playing on my mind recently. During my uni years to assist with my understanding I had a printed copy of the entire english translation of SGGS made. It is a pure english translation with no Gurmukhi text or...
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    Learningsingh295 Joins Sikh Philosophy Network!

    ------ A welcome message for learningsingh295 from Team SPN ------ Welcome SPN'er! Now that you have joined SPN, we would request you to say a few words about yourself, so that you are well on your way to becomes an active member of this community. We would request our fellow SPN'ers tp please...