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    India I Applaud Action Against Ramdev: Khushwant Singh

    No matter who is supporting Ramdev,but Ramdev's issue is right one and needs attention. And khushwant Singh is a Traitor who made Sikh Jokes famous in India.
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    India Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh And The Sikhs!

    Manmohan Singh has always tried to put 84 issue under carpet, proving himself as traitor.
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Double Standards Of Manmohan Singh On 84 Riots

    Manmohan singh on his visit to Canada gave two statements at two places that exposes his double standards. Here are his two statements:- On Kanishka Case:- "Kanishka victims deserve full justice" On 84 Case :- "Sikhs should Move On" - Meaning Sikhs should forget 84
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Would The Indian Army Have Entered The Golden Temple Without Backend Akaali Support?

    The orders to attack Harmandir Sahib were given by Congressi PM Indira Gandi and not any other party. The Bhindranwala was himself supported by Indira khan against Akalis. When she was done using him, got him killed, simple. Now blamming other parties for not stoping an Army which is ordered to...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Why 1984 Still Matters?

    The reason it still matters is because All the culprits who burned Sikhs alive ,raped women and burned their houses are given full protection(Z+ security) and reawrds in the form of cabinet ministry by the congress Govt. I don't understand why these mass murderers are so dear to the congress party.