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Recent content by jaga

  1. jaga

    Guru Nanak: A 'False' Prophet?

    re: Guru Nanak: A 'False' Prophet ? ^^^^ well done !!!... like i always say ,.. kill 'em all and let the guru's sort 'em out.
  2. jaga

    Sikhism And Homosexuality

    there will be a great war , were we will have to once again draw our karpans and shed blood , to die in battle is to die honorabley , this is what sikhism means to me .... i don't care what you do behind closed doors , but as long as you fight couragously beside me is what will define you in...
  3. jaga

    General Where Are You From?

    Re: From where are you? canada , vancouver b.c. wooohooo !!
  4. jaga

    Introducing Myself

    hello all , my name is jaga rai i'm from vancouver b.c. i love the war stories of the sikh culcher , i was brought up in a bad area (gangs and such) i was envolved with them , but grew up and relized it wasn't worth it,.... i'm not hardcore into sikhizm , but want to learn more. thanks.
  5. jaga

    Guru Nanak: A 'False' Prophet?

    re: Guru Nanak: A 'False' Prophet ? i hate muslims, if you had the balls to say this to my face i would cut your head off. down here in van WE (sikhs) run things.
  6. jaga

    General New Guy

    hi everyone , i ran accross this forum while on google search, and decided to join !!! i'm from vancouver b.c , anyone else from here ? a little about my self : i'm 33 , married, and have a 5 month old son named jhelum (river in india) pronounced jaylum , i am into old classic cars .