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Recent content by IJJSingh

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    General Sikh Baby Boy Name From Alphabet J

    Few more: Jot, Jai, Jaidev, Jaimal, Jaipal, Jagmit, Jagdeep, Jagdeesh, Jagrup, Jagraj, Jugraj, Jugad, Johar, Jamal, Joban, Jera, Jachak.
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    General Sikh Baby Boy Name From Alphabet J

    Jeev, Jeevan, Joga, Jora, Joravar, Jas, Janak, Jagat, Jagjit, Jang, Jaap, Josh, Jeet, Jaita, Jat, Jind, Jalal.
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    Were The Guru's Really Divine (prophets) Or Where They Just Enlightened?

    I remember a joke from my childhood about two foreigners after seeing dung cakes on a wall arguing about how the cow managed to climb the wall. My point: Arguments can become absurd if one focuses on the superficial and ignores the full context. If one wishes to understand the Gurus, then...
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    Pointing One's Feet To The Sggs At The Gurdwara

    Love, respect and our inner thoughts reside in our heart and cannot be seen by others. Society in its yearning for a proof that everybody in a gathering has respect for a solemn event has developed visible proxies for representing inner emotions. Wearing black in a funeral, addressing a judge...
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    Taajudin's Diary

    Slipping through fingers # 1 – The first Sikh Martyr We have done a poor job in preserving the history of our Gurus. The book project Taajudin’s Diary has been launched ahead of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to present some little known episodes from history. Hopefully...
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    Taajudin's Diary

    In the year 1510 AD, Taajudin Naqshbandi, a Persian/Arabic writer met Guru Nanak Dev ji during his journey through the Middle East. For the next two years, Taajudin lived with the Guru and kept a detailed eyewitness account in a manuscript titled Siyahto Baba Nanak Fakir. After taking a leave...
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    Sikhi What Is Soul As Per Gurmat?

    Atma is God, its perfect and it doesn't change. Body and mind (Munn) are temporary existences created by Atma to run the creation. Ego resides in mind. Once ego goes away, only Atma is left. When viewed in duality, you can have a body and a mind per person, but there is only one Atma in all...
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    Is Waheguru Truth?

    According to Gurbani: sat = sach = Permanent existence. The definition of Sach (Truth) is provided in SGGS immediately after the Mool Mantar (i.e. Aad Sach, Jugad Sach, ..) - Something that was true (meaning existed) before time or creation began, it existed since time began, it exists now, and...