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    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

    All things must come to their natural end in order for the start of a new beginning. It's not wrong to shed a tear for the last 20 years but if your love and affection is not being reciprocated then it is time to end that chapter of your life. Only then can you look forward to a new start, a new...
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    Problem, Your Thoughts Are Welcome

    Dear Harry...Having read your message I can sympathize with your dilemma of not knowing which course of action to take. I can only offer you some thoughts which you yourself must have also pondered. You brought up the point of the aeroplane and putting on your own mask before helping not just...
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    Which Is More Important Simran Or Sewa?

    I have read the various comments on the topic of " What is more important, Seva or Simran " and my own contribution is as follows:- Why do we need to distinguish the importance of one over the other. Surely the important thing is that they be done, either individually or together.